• Ironing Best Practices
    - December 2, 2011

    Maybe you’re new to ironing, or maybe you’ve been pressing your family’s garments for years…but are you utilizing Ironing Best Practices?

    Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

    1. When ironing a shirt, work on the appendages before the body. Start with the underside of the collar and iron from the center out. Then move to the shoulders, hooking each shoulder over the round tip of the ironing board before pressing to avoid creases. Follow by ironing the sleeves, button side up first – be sure to iron both the inside and outside of the cuff area. Finish by ironing the body, front panels first. Be careful to iron between the buttons and not over them.

    2. When ironing slacks, take an inside-out approach – be sure to turn slacks inside out first and iron the pockets. Then turn right-side out, hook the waistband over the point of the ironing board and rotate around the board as you iron. If you want to create a crease down the front of the leg, fold the pant leg and direct a burst of steam toward the fold edge. Then iron, using a spray of cool mist if necessary.

    3. Collars, cuffs and hems often pucker when ironed. To avoid this, iron on the inside first, then go back and iron the outside. A burst of steam will provide a crisp finish.

    4. Gathers and ruffles should be ironed on the inside from the outer edge toward the center or middle of the gathers. If material is too difficult to maneuver on an ironing board, hang garment and use a vertical burst of steam instead.

    5. Large items should be ironed at the wide end of the ironing board. To help keep the item clean as you go, lay a plastic tablecloth or old sheet on the floor beneath the board.

    We hope these tips will be useful as your Rowenta goes into high-gear for the holidays!

  • Tips To Get More Out Of The Holidays
    - November 29, 2011

    ‘Tis the season for family, friends and a whole lot of food. Preparing for holiday parties and family visits doesn’t need to take up all your precious time.  Here are five tips to help you make the most of your time this holiday season.

    1. Hot idea. Instead of hiring a babysitter so you can battle the mall parking lot, how about spending time with your family and making holiday gifts together? Under the ‘Projects’ tab on this site you will find free tutorials for stylish and unique DIY gifts such as a recycled T-shirt necklace, patchwork coasters or an iron-on applique pillow.

    2. Wrap it up. Purchase large rolls of solid-color or striped wrapping paper— these bright basics can work for any holiday, birthday or other occasion throughout the year. If you run out of paper, improvise with comics pages, maps or aluminum foil.

    3. Sew smart. Everyone wants to look their best during the holidays, but with all the rushing around, fabric rips and snags are bound to happen. For last-minute sewing repairs, save time threading the needle by dipping the thread end in nail polish. It should dry in seconds and then you can quickly thread the needle.

    4. Flat-out time-saver. Save yourself time, money and effort and invest in a high-quality steam station to take care of your garments and your home this season. In steam stations, the water boils in a separate tank and flows to the iron through a steam hose. The constant flow of high-powered steam makes this the perfect household tool for big pressing jobs such as table and bed linens. With the ability for vertical steam, it can even be used for hanging garments such as drapes, so you save even more time by not having to take them down to have them pressed. It will also save you money over time on your dry-cleaning bills, given that you can achieve the same professional results at home with minimal effort.

    Rowenta Steam Stations offer an unrivaled steam performance:

    • An extra-large 33-ounce water tank for up to 90 minutes of continuous steaming— ideal for shorter batch ironing sessions.
    • Three times more steam than a regular iron to instantly remove deep-set wrinkles and create sharp creases.
    • A stainless steel soleplate for high-performance glide with high scratch resistance.
    5. Make sending cards easy. Instead of signing, addressing, stamping and mailing all your holiday greetings, send friends and family e-cards. You can create your own, perhaps with your favorite photos, or select from a variety of predesigned options online.

  • Fall Fashion Tips from Althea Harper
    - October 24, 2011

    As the cooler weather sets in, update your wardrobe with these great fashion tips from Style Ambassador Althea Harper:

    - Invest in a good chunky, oversized knit. They are great to throw over leggings and jeans. Best of all they are super comfy!

    - Cute wedge boots make any outfit look a bit more glamorous. Everyone needs a good pair of boots as fall approaches. A wedge gives the look of a heel, while allowing you to stay comfortable and warm.

    - Scarves are a fashionista’s best friend! They add warmth while also giving an outfit some flare! Go bold with bright colors, or add texture with a chunky knit.

    - Animal prints really add something to a minimalist wardrobe. If you tend to stick to blacks, grays and browns this time of year, spruce it up by adding animal print. Most follow the same colors that your basic wardrobe contains so it will fit in nicely and complement your look without throwing in too much color.

    - If you’re not ready to throw in the towel on your summer clothes- add some layering pieces! If you are attached to a favorite skirt or sleeveless shift dress you can still hold on to them for the fall- just add a basic turtle neck underneath and some opaque tights. Invest in black in both items and you can wear numerous summer items into the fall.

    - A great leather jacket is a great investment. Yes, leather jackets are expensive, but if you get a good one it will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. It instantly makes any outfit look more modern and it does a good job of keeping you warm too!

    What other fashion tips do you rely on through the change of seasons? Which fall garments require the most TLC from your Rowenta?

  • Althea Harper: Top 5 Survival Tips for Fashion Week
    - August 30, 2011

    Check out Althea Harper’s Top 5 Survival Tips for Fashion Week below!

    Don’t forget to check Rowenta’s Facebook Page for upcoming contests and promotions for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

    1. Oversized bag:

    This is necessity to carry your wallet, water bottle, extra pair of shoes and have enough room to spare for all the run of shows, Daily’s and goodie bags that you will collect from all the different shows and vendors at Lincoln Center.

    2. Sunglasses:

    These are helpful for multiple reasons; they are great if you do not want others to see your reaction to garments walking down the runway in addition to being a girls best friend after a long day they are a chic way to hide ‘tired’ eyes.

    3. Great blazer:

    Blazers are amazing for the September shows because they are the perfect weight for when it is hot under all the lights and if there is a bit of a breeze outside. If you are running late you can throw on with a pair of black jeans and great booties or it can just as easily be paired with your most fashionable dress.

    4. Camera:

    Sure you can look online 15 min after the show to find all the great runway images, but sometimes the real show is in the interesting audience and the unpredictable things that happen on the runway. All the little things that designer’s pr will make sure the professional photos are not released- ie a trip on the runway, a thread hanging down the back of the dress and of course always handy if you can score a pass backstage!

    5. Small Notebook:

    Between all the different shows (many of them being at off-site locations) you have to have a place to write down all of the shows times, locations and of course your thoughts on the pieces that are walking down the runway- after seeing hundreds of looks in a day you will definitely want to have some notes to reference!